I am a full time seller on eBay with a large cross stitch and fine needlework store along with treasures found during my travels. I closed a brick and mortar store after a drastic rent increase. I am able to be at home raising my little boy. Friends kept bugging me to make videos on different techniques of cross stitch and to talk about my travels, I decided to make this my "One Stop" site instead of having four or five different ones. I am a member of Voices, an eBay focus group and PayPal Ambassadors. Come in with a cup of coffee and enjoy!



    I am a buyer and seller on eBay. My store is mostly a cross stitch and fine needlework store. I have also added hundreds of items I pick up in my travels from unique coffee cups to Hawaiian shirts. Go to www.BubbaCanDance.com to find us on eBay. Soon we will have www.stitcheryxpress.com up and running for cross stitch closeouts



    Jim and Steven are pilots and it was only logical to purchase the rights to 41 cross stitch patterns dealing with aviation. We will have them all packaged and ready to go after we update photos and stitching information and get a new Logo. Watch for them in Mid 2013



    I have met some of the best people through eBay and PayPal. This has been a career change I made reluctantly twelve years ago and I have never looked back. I love what I do! Thanks eBay sellers, buyers and employees, you are the best. Also kudos to PayPal employees and customer service. Wow just wow.



    Here we will share who Cindy Sorley is and how she clicks… as an avid traveler, genealogist and stay at home mom, you will get to see some insight as to how she functions…. Married almost 32 years to a Marine Corps Pilot, Retired Delta Airline Captain and now my helper at Stitchery X-Press. We have two boys, Steven, age 25 and Thomas, age 11.

Skills // Cross Stitch, Needlework, eBay, PayPal, Genealogy, Travel, VW Beetles... where do I start? You can learn all about me or talk about the things that interest you. Everyone is welcome!

About this Blog // Cross Stitch is my love though I don't have time to pick up a needle anymore. I am called diverse by my friends since I also love country music, Volkswagen Beetles, Genealogy and traveling. I am also an avid eBay and PayPal fan. You will find me rambling about it all here.


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    I ordered a large number of scissor fobs from a company in California over a year ago. I sold a few on eBay and after 18 months of selling them I get a cease and desist order for the designer to quit selling them after she sold them to me. I have her Invoices of her selling me these items. The emails and messages are very threatening and hateful. I pointed other that I bought these from HER, not a third party, not a distributor. HER. She would not have it. Well my customers will never get another of her scissor fobs as I have now trashed them. It is Part of the daily hassle of selling online sometimes. The rewards truly outweigh the cons. I have asked her to not contact me again and I have had three messages from her since I started writing this. Sometimes being nice is not enough. I will have to get tough and state. I bought these from you to sell. YOU Lois. YOU.
    I have some of the most amazing designers and wholesalers I. The world that ha get made being in the business a joy for 32 years. You get a bad one every once in a while. Shake it off and move on. Three more messages just came In. Let it go lady.


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    When you are out searching for kits to resale at yard sales or thrift stores there are two types that might just say “cross stitch”. They are stamped and counted. Counted is more common today. Both make x shaped stitches on the fabric. To make the stitches in both counted and stamped you have two opposing diagonal stitches to form an X. Step One of a single stitch: /. Step 2 of the same stitch: \. End result: X. Always make sure that your bottom / is always going the same direction. Then your top \ will go in the opposite direction. It doesn’t matter which way you start but just make sure that each stitch has all the bottom threads laying one way and the top threads lay the other way.

    This is a huge hint in buying completed Cross Stitch whether it be stamped or counted. If all the top threads are laying in one direction not including half stitches and quarter stitches that you see in faces and hands then this is possibly a consideration to buy but if you see the top stitches going in every direction walk away and don’t buy.

    Stamped cross stitch kits have the pattern printed onto the fabric. You stitch with embroidery thread the colors shown on a chart. Counted cross-stitch has the pattern printed on a separate sheet of paper. You will have a blank piece of fabric in front of you. This means that you have to count the squares yourself to see where each stitch goes. This the term counted. Many stitcher’s start stitching in the center of the pattern to make sure there’s equal room on both sides to frame the design. I like to have three inches on each side and tip and bottom and I always start at the top and never the center so that all my new stitches come up in an empty hole and go down in a hole with stitching in it. It makes for a more even stitch in my opinion.

    Stamped cross stitch is easier and easier and in my opinion (my opinion only) not as easy to make look consistent with stitching. It is also more popular for beginners. You can start anywhere you want because you don’t have to count squares. Stamped cross stitch does not have as much detail as counted cross stitch. Squares have to be bigger for the x’s to be visible on the printed fabric so you don’t get as many half or 1/4 stitches or color variations usually. Counted cross stitch kits come in many higher count fabrics (more stitches per square inch) so you can work small details and use more colors. Counted cross stitch has become more popular due to many reasons. 1. Overall appearance with consistency of stitches 2. More patterns and kits are made in counted.

    A finished counted cross stitch project can have enough detail to look like a painting and they can be framed to be a focal point in a home or office. Stamped cross stitch are usually seen tablecloth and tablecloth borders, pillow cases, and place mats.

    Stamped cross stitch is usually done on a tight fabric such as broadcloth or muslin. Counted cross stitch can be done on a fabric called aida (little squares), linen or other specialty type fabrics with different names. Aida cloth comes in several different counts, or stitches per inch. For example, 11-count aida cloth will measure eleven stitches to each inch. Other common counts are 14 and 18 – the higher the number, the finer the weave.

    Most people start of with stamped cross stitch and then move up to counted patterns as they get more experience. I started out on counted cross stitch when I was in college and never did stamped Cross Stitch because I never liked embroidery as a child and it reminded me too much of embroidery. If you are listing kits on eBay stamped Cross Stitch will go under hand embroidery kits and counted cross stitch will go under Cross stitch.

    I will add photos tomorrow.


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    In my Facebook group “Cindy’s online selling tips” (CO$T) I get it asked quite often “what is a Cross Stitch sampler and how do you define one or recognize one?”

    Many believe that the samplers were made in the home when in reality they were made in schools.
    Samplers are often inscribed with the name of their maker the date and many times the age of the child. Many times you will also see the school in which they were embroidered.
    Many believe that these embroideries were the only exposure to formal education received by young women in the early 1700s in America.
    The format of the sampler was entirely up to the teacher. She developed a pattern for these creations and then supervised the stitchers.
    As education for girls in America became more widespread samplers increased in popularity.
    Teachers were inclined to pick recognizable motifs and regional patterns began to emerge.

    Samplers are oblong pieces of linen embellished with patterns of embroidery stitches or crosses worked in silk threads.
    Samplers were first brought from England and northern Europe where they had been a form of schoolgirl Art for centuries.

    Many scholars believe that the first samplers were made by young women during the middle ages as a way of recording patterns for future reference.
    Through the years the definition of a sampler changed from that of a learning exercise and embroidery technique signed and dated to the finished work intended for framing and display.
    Many samplers made today are not signed or dated but they are still considered samplers.
    English samplers from the 16th and 17th centuries were long and narrow and always worked on linen that was cut in a thin strip across the width of the woven fabric from selvage to selvage.
    The earliest settlers brought this technique with them to the new land.
    Most colonial samplers that you will find will have the alphabet, numbers, the stitchers name and date and like I said before sometimes the school.
    I had the opportunity a number of years ago to view a sampler stitched by my husband’s great great great great grandmother. His aunt was the owner of it at the time and it now has been passed down to her granddaughter in Texas. Someday I would love to be able to look at it and copy it and make one of my own and maybe even publish the pattern.
    If you look in my eBay store at Bubbacandance.com you will find a number of samplers in our store category.
    Many times samplers will have a poem or a saying along with motifs and not necessarily the alphabet or numbers but they are usually Long and narrow or just long and rectangular.

    I will post a few photos below to show you ideas of different samplers.
    You can see the family tree which was done and in many ways it still considered a sampler because it has names and dates.






    Counted cross stitch has the design either on a piece of paper and you count to the fabric or you do it freehand like these young girls did in schools where their teacher taught them how to design. She may have written it on a form of board or designed herself one on linen and then they copied it.

    I will continue this series about needlework in the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy


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    Join us if you are online seller on Amazon, Etsy or eBay. 

    We meet once a month


    Join us 4 November in Bountiful


    Meet Up Northern Utah eBay sellers.

    Meet Up Northern Utah eBay sellers.


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    In less than a month my son Steven will get married to a girl he has known since first grade and has dated for over four years.  We are so happy and excited for both of them. We love her family and adore her.   The coolest.. She is an engineer and is ALL for selling online and wants to do it with Steven part time.  They love the thrill of the hunt for the treasures to turn around and make some money on.  I am super excited to be growing their eBay business.  Steven has a few items now in his store on eBay 

    Steve and Cierra 18 Oct 2014 Wedding Day

    Steve and Cierra 18 Oct 2014 Wedding Day

    Wedding Announcement

    Wedding Announcement


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    Today I sell on eBay mostly because I can get worldwide sales.  I also have a few things on etsy but the traffic is just not there. 

    You can find me on eBay at www.bubbacandance.com

    I can also be found on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/stitcheryxpress/

    We carry a full line of counted cross stitch items from current to long out of print patterns and kits.  We also carry linens, aidas and other specialty fabric items.  We have a warehouse full of four closed needlework stores.  We carry hand dyed threads, Needles from John James and very unique stitching accessories including unique scissors.   

    We are also the the automatic mailings from designers such as Mirabilia, Lizzie Kate, Needle’s Notions, Ink Circles, Barbara Ana. etc.   

    Join us at Stitchery X-Press on eBay 


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    Sunday Morning Musing with Coffee: Money (again).

    I talked about MONEY (not the root of all evil) in a previous Sunday Musing however I want to come back to this very basic thought for not only the new peeps who did not originally read the other Musing but as a reminder for those who did.

    Money. The reason we do this selling on Ebay and everywhere online. To support our families, to pay extra bills, to buy extra things for extra special people including ourselves. Some of us live on this money and some of us play on this money. All of us need this money or we would not put ourselves through this on a daily basis.

    So after you have purchased the item for the perfect price and have listed and sold this item for another perfect price and now that you actually have the money in your hands (insert bank account, Paypal account) what do you DO with the money?

    Spend it, duh…..well maybe not.

    Each of us has their own agenda with this money. But all of us have some basic costs associated with this money and it is those costs and the final change left over after these costs that I want to remind you in this musing.

    IMHO, you should have a budget, hell you should have many budgets but for this demonstration you should have an Ebay budget that you build and tally out of the sales, a budget that you stay on in your weekly/monthly/quarterly shopping excursions.

    Lets talk about what happens to that money you have holding in your hands from your sale.

    In our fantasy sale, we bought something for $10 and we sold it for $100. We shipped it for $9 (it was heavy) and we paid shipping. Now this is what happens.

    Ebay wants their share. This is going to be 9% most of the time. Check Ebay for the fees chart but 9% is pretty standard for the categories that we all sell in normally. Ok gang that amount is $9.00 on our sale.

    Leaving us $91.00.

    Now Paypal wants their share which is 2.9% and .30 each transaction. On our original $100 that is $2.90 plus .30 or $3.20.

    Leaving us $87.80.

    Now we still have to pay for that shipping. Either it was taken out of our Paypal account with Ebay shipping or we prepaid at Stamps.com and all the other mailing sites. Either way that cost was $9.00. (If you charge for shipping you would have received more money. However you still have to buy the shipping somewhere each time.)

    Now we have $78.80 left out of our original $100.00.

    These are our fixed costs. There are also Ebay store costs from the basic store to the most expensive store. Take your store costs and divide it by the number of items in your store and this is the cost for that 1 item each month to sit and wait for a buyer. For me right now that cost is .03 a month. Piffle amount. But it is still a fee, buried in the way back of my mind.

    Some of us have more items than allowed for free and for me that means I have an additional .10 per item per month for some of my items. While this is a minor cost (really minor, do you know how many .10 it takes to buy a decent coffee in this town??) this cost is always in the back of my mind adminst the other trivia I cannot seem to forget). For now we will just assume you do not pay any additional costs.

    So we have spent $21.20 of our $100 to get this transaction completed.


    Not including the original cost of the item.

    Did you know this? Do you think of this when you sell the item? When you BOUGHT the item? Do you have 20% wrapped around your mind each time you pick something up, research it on your smart phone and make a decision whether to put it in your shopping cart or put it back on the shelf?

    Cause you better.

    In our fantasy sale at this moment we are not going to set aside any money for replacement costs, meaning you are eventually going to need to put aside money to start buying inventory to sell again. Some of you are so over extended in inventory it might be a year or more before you SHOULD buy again, a few people will need to go shopping within the month to replenish the inventory.

    Either way, in the future or now, you will need to set aside money to buy again. For todays example, we are too heavily inventoried to even think of stepping into a thrift store so NO we are not going shopping and NO we are not putting any money aside from THIS sale to shop.

    Ok, back to our sale. We now have $78 bucks to spend. Not $100. $78.

    This is the amount we can spend on our bills we need this money for. Tuition, food, shelter, electricity, all the reasons we are doing this is the reason we need to spend this money right now.

    But WAIT. (hehehe)

    What about paper for the printer? What about ink for the printer? What about a new printer? Batteries for the camera? A new camera? Boxes, Packing Material, Tape. Pieces parts including mannequins, display hands, rings displays, bust displays? Magic Eraser? Paper Towels? Computer Monitor? New computer?

    Look at YOUR life. Did you buy those batteries on sale at Costco along with the tape when it was on sale? Did you have the money to do this? Are you scrounging for packing supplies like I do? Do you have to buy them?

    Look at your life. Are you going to need a computer/printer/camera/storage solutions in the future whether near or far? If you answer yes or even Maybe, then start putting away just a little bit from each sale, say 5%.

    Into what I call a “tucked envelope”. When I was in college oh so many decades ago and I dealt in cash, I would “tuck” a bit of each salary from my 2 jobs into envelopes labeled “rent”, “utilities”, “gas for the car”, “food”. Then when the bills were due I would pay the bill out of the “tucked envelope”.

    Get a tucked envelope system started even if it is just on paper and in your bank account. Call it savings, call it Fred, your choice.

    Back to our story. Now our $78 and change is $73 and change after our 5% tuck. But when the printer finally gasps its last breath you just might have enough to buy a new one. Without crying.

    Last point. You will be expected to pay taxes on this income no matter how small it is. The days are gone where the IRS does not know you are making money online. Old Ebay sellers, new Ebay sellers, we all have to pay taxes on this new income.

    It would behoove you to know how much taxes, what to do to make your expenses help cover your income and how much you need to save each week/month to be able to pay the piper in April (extended until October 15th if you have to?.

    Get a professional. Seriously. Get a professional tax person to help you. Don’t use your sister in law who took a course, don’t use your father who has “done your taxes for decades”, get a PROFESSIONAL.

    Preferably a CPA. Preferably a tax CPA. Preferably a TAX CPA who specializes in Businesses. Preferably a tax CPA business dude or duddette who knows the online selling business.

    They will save you money.

    The biggest reason that businesses fail whether they are virtual like ours or brick and mortar is that the owner did not realize the money aspect of the business. They did not realize how to spend their money when they received their money.

    If YOU do not know the financial side you will not succeed. If YOU are looking at the pile of bills at the end of the month and comparing it to the pile of money in your hands, well the lack of money in your hands and wondering where the heck it all went to….well…you are in trouble.

    We do not want you in trouble. We want you to be richer than you were last month. More successful than you were last month. This is why we are all here in this room. To improve ourselves. To learn. To teach. All here will learn, all here will teach.

    My spreadsheet that I do, entering every single sale every single time shows me the GROSS which is my income including shipping if it was International and the NET which is what money is left after all the fixed expenses of: 1. Cost of the item, Ebay Fees front and back, Paypal fees and Shipping. Insert Amazon/Etsy Fees if you sell on those sites.

    Those numbers are added up automatically by the spreadsheet and I can see that the Gross and the Net differ by 38% on my sheet, different from the 21% earlier talked about because of the cost of the item.

    I still think about 21% when I go shopping. When I do my research. I also think about the TIME that it will take me to list 10 items that will net me $5.00 each or 10 items that will net me $25 each. Which will cost more normally but if I save the little bit I would have spent on the cheaper item that will only give me $5 then I can afford to buy the item that will give me $25.

    Basic final thought. When you see that $100, did you think “YEAH I have $100 to spend now on XX or did you think Yeah I now have $78 to spend?”

    It is the difference from making it as a business or shutting down and going back to work for “others”.

    Manage your money. I don’t care if you don’t like this idea, you MUST know what the amount of money is coming in, what the amount is going out and what you really have to spend from each sale.

    Deal with this. Do not trust others to have your best interest as their interest or you just might meet any number of Hollywood celebrities who did this as your jail mate.

    Remember you can sell their autograph on ebay when the time served is over. 

    Great week all, enjoy the weather, get ready for Christmas. Football anything online? I am selling tee shirts from the sports teams lately and a Reyn Spooner shirt for $67 that I bought on Ebay 3 weeks prior for $13. Dallas Cowboys flip.

    Key things to list this week: Halloween, Costumes, Party Supplies, Decorating items for the FALL, football, college football stuff. Coats. Jackets. Fall clothing. Golf shirts (cooler weather in the hot states means people will be out golfing all winter long and they will not be allowed on the course naked.

    Flatware, Dinnerware for the holiday season. Just think of what you are going to be looking for in the next 90 days. That is your target market now.

    Watch the cover of the “womens” magazines when you stand in the checkout line. If good ol’ Martha is pimping Pumpkins and decorating your fall holiday table, millions are listening. And Googling Ebay for “fall holiday table decorations”.

    Enjoy your week!


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    Join me Wednesday July 30th for a webinar with Top Rated Seller Webinars with Eric Nash and Kat Simpson





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    In Cindy’s Online Selling Tips I have been honored to have Marcia Glenn write a Sunday Musing for us for a long time. I wake up every Sunday to these wonderful posts.  

    Sunday Morning Musing with Coffee: What Does Ebay REALLY Want From ME?

    I have thought long and hard these last few months on how to do my Ebay business better. From getting faster at listing to buying only things that I know will generate me a good if not great profit, there are a bazillion things to learn to do my job faster, better with more profit. I am using some great APPS like KiQuantity and KiPhoenix to streamline my process but one thing keeps cropping up in my daydreams and my dreams at night….

    What Does Ebay REALLY Want From ME?

    They won’t tell me.

    Well they won’t tell me in a definitive statement. Or even 10 statements. They will never come out and say, Marcia (fill in your name), THIS is what we want you to do!! Follow this and that and the other thing and we almost guarantee we will love you forever and a day and show your listings to EVERYONE!!

    But they hint at it and it is these hints that I have started to listen to and do for them. When I do these things that they hint at telling me my sales go up. So I continue to do them. I believe that they “rate” me somehow, no idea what that “rating” is but if I do what they have told me to do in newsletters and policy changes I will get higher rankings, my listings will be shown to more qualified people (people who are searching for what I have to sell) and I will have more sales.

    Here is what I have heard from them over the last year, thought about and implemented.

    1. They want me to use 12 pictures. They expanded the pictures to 12, thus I believe they want me to use 12. So pretty much I do now. I do my very best to fill up all 12 spots, sometimes it is easier than other times but try I do.

    2. They want my pictures to be bigger. They made the picture requirements bigger and will actually kick off my listing if it is not to their requirements picture size so now my pictures are the size they want. I make them cleaner, bigger, clearer, more details. I want my pictures to rock not only because of MY pride but because Ebay wants my pictures to ROCK. So I do my best to get the very best pictures I can.

    3. They encourage me to put Free Shipping in my listing and while there is no such thing as Free Shipping as we add the shipping price to the listing price, what I think they are saying is that with Free Shipping the buyer has no surprises as to the final price. People search for FREE SHIPPING listings ONLY and never ever do I think someone searches for “no free shipping please” so I add the shipping value to my listing price and have 99% of my listings as Free Shipping.

    4. They want me to have short and simple, non HTML filled listings. Whether this is a software issue or not, Ebay says no HTML so now I am in the process of dumping my Auctiva templates on Glass Confusion and reworking those listings to a simpler, cleaner line format. Surprise surprise that these new listings are selling and the old HTML are not.

    5. They want me to be Top Rated Seller, Power Seller and have a Store. All three of these things they encourage for me to do or achieve so do and achieve them I did. With this Ebay gave me the option of having a cleaner looking store front with new store look and I changed over to that as well. My store looks clean and pretty (especially with my new store banner from Scott Henshaw).

    6. Ebay wants me to ship FAST. 1 Day shipping is what I say I will do thus this is what I do.

    7. Ebay wants me to sell Internationally so I do. It makes me money, I have no issues with it and in a global economy it only makes sense. I ship Internationally.

    8. Ebay wants me to have a very larger than necessary return policy so I do. I get so little returns that it means nothing to me. I have had 2 pieces of clothing returned in the past, one was too small and we both knew it would not fit him, he paid shipping both ways and apologized profusely for it not fitting…I sold it to another with a higher price and my first buyer bought a bigger shirt…win/win.

    My second one was a mistake on my part…learned that you really cannot rely on the Levi butt tag as the real size, those jeans shrunk an amazing 4 inches from what the tag said. Taught me to measure. Again I sold them only this time with the right measurements and even paying double the shipping made a profit. Since I was polite and apologized to the seller and paid the shipping to her, from her and gave her an extra bit of money for her “trouble” she bought the correct size from me the next week.

    9. Ebay wants me to promote the listing with Pinterest. They spend a bunch of dollars to put the Pinterest link on all listings thus it is important to them. So it is important to me and I have found that it works for me. I pin, I sell. Ebay just makes it easier for me to do it.

    10. Ebay wants me to be the best seller possible, give the customer the best that I can be so that they will rate me the highest rating if I earn it. The rating system could use some work and this stupid, idiotic defect thing will go the way of leg warmers but for now I just make sure I do the best I can in listing, photographing and shipping so that I get the best feedback that I deserve.

    This is my top 10 list of what Ebay wants from me. Now what does that REALLY mean?

    To me and remember this is only MY opinion, Ebay will promote me if I do what they ask me to do. With all the data that companies gather on me in the world, I cannot imagine that Ebay does not have the software or the programmers to pick apart…well ME. I believe they take every single thing about me on Ebay and put it into a computer somewhere and come up with something that they use to determine if they really really really like ME.

    I think they even look at all the WORDS that are typed in my feedback from others. Why not? The information is there, why not use it. So when 10 out of 10 or 100 out of 100 of my feedback says FAST Shipping, I gotta think that means another notch in my virtual profile towards love from Ebay. When people say positive things about me I know Ebay is taking notes. As well as how much I list, when I list, what I list, how much I sell, when I sell, what I pinned, what I purchased, what I said in Feedback and on and on and on.

    Then they use this information to compare to others who are selling the exact thing that I am selling and put me just a tad higher in the ranking or the showing or something so that mine will sell before the others.

    All this information they gather about me and YOU is called BIG DATA by the computer geeks who name things like this. Ebay “Wants” you to evolve along with e- commerce which is shaped by what buyers want and expect. Also, I think the reason for any wants are based on a this new thing called, “Big Data” which is a means of collecting mass quantities of pieces of data and in the end their data shows that what I have mentioned above are things that “Buyers want”. So in the end eBay wants me and you to provide this.

    Let’s use an example. I have a yellow rubber duck. Mass produced and sold by many other people. Lets compare me to one that Mike has (if you are a Mike, please think about your middle name as this is not to compare to YOU).

    Mike and I have the same Rubber Duckie. My pictures rock, his do not. I have a store, positive feedback, top rated seller, all the bells and whistles. Mikey does not…his pictures are lousy, his feedback is borderline, he has no store, no top rated seller. I offer free shipping, he does not. On and on and on. He will lose out overall I feel.

    Mine will show up more in searches, higher in searches, Ebay will promote it with things that they do to promote it online. They send out emails, they show my listings when you log on, I will feel the love more than poor Mike.

    Algorithms. Kinda like Calculus that it is part of the universe but does anyone really understand it? I don’t and don’t have to. All I have to understand is that Ebay understands it and applies it to me and you and everyone and I want to be top page, above the fold (newpaper term), highest of the high.

    So I play the game. But playing the game instead of fighting it, well that gives me money. In the end that is all that I care about.

    What DO I Have to do to make Ebay happy? Pretty much play their game.

    If I don’t like the game I can go to Etsy, Bonanza, Craigs List, Amazon and the others that provide me a selling platform to sell my wares. I do sell on multiple platforms but Ebay is tied with Amazon for income stream and I pay both games with different rules because when it is all said and done, that is what I want to do.

    When Ebay comes out with changes, I listen and implement them. They are subtly telling me to do this without forcing it down my throat (normally) but I don’t care, they tell me this is what they want, I will do it. I won’t cross the road without holding their hand as we are partners in this business, the more I sell the more money we both make. I have to think they are trying to make me a better seller which will make their goals for their investors happy and their bank account numbers higher.

    I don’t think they made up these new things like bigger, clearer pictures just because they were sitting around a board table and wondering what they could do this month to make my job harder (changing 2000 listings with pictures that are too small for example). I think this is what they have determined that buyers want so they have told me this is what buyers want.

    Gotta listen to what my buyers want. Fast story. I created and sold my own jewelry when I had the storefront. Glass pendants mostly. Had them in a large jewelry display, each in an individual box for gift giving. Over the course of a year I heard over and over again “Do you have a chain for sale in the store to go with the pendant”. My answer was always “I’m sorry, no we don’t”.

    Took me a year to “listen” to what my customers were asking me to stock so they could buy it along with the chain. A YEAR! Finally, finally, finally it dawned on me to start stocking chains…duh! Which sold. With the jewelry and without. Just because I own a bizzillion chains does not mean others did not.

    So I listen to Ebay when they whisper and I listen to them when they scream and I watch my bank account grow.

    Summer sales everywhere, are you stocking up on discontinued items in the stores? Are you thinking Christmas yet? I am. I am selling Christmas Icicles, fall glass pumpkins. It will really get into the “shoppers” mindset within the next 30 days so I am tweeking all my pumpkin and Christmas items to make sure they are what Ebay likes in all regards.

    Great week for all…summer vegetables, warm temps and safe lives for all.


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    Wives often have the same complaint that their loving husband doesn’t love them the way they used to do before. Is it really true? No! In most of the cases, professional life, family responsibilities and busyness do not let them express their passion for beloved wife. In other word, after a certain period of marriage, the expression of love gets changed or moderated or matured unlike the first date.

    Husbands really are in a dilemma about how they can express the fact that they still care about their wives like the very first date. They need to make their wives understand that they are still romantic. Again, doing some crazy things does not go with their image. So, they search for a way by which they can impress their wives in a matured way.

    Why don’t you take her to a date? Let’s go to the flashback. Do you remember the first date? You were the most romantic person to her eyes that day. The clock seemed to be stopped and you two couldn’t understand how the time passed. Your wife could definitely find her dream Prince Charming by staring at the sea-blue eyes of yours. Have you forgotten those days?

    Is it possible to forget that very special day? Let’s shake your wife once again. Arrange a date at the same time and same place. Order the food that you two have had that day. Create a romantic atmosphere so that your wife may feel the touch of your ancient love of the first date.

    You may also purchase a cute gift for your wife. She will be overwhelmed. But remember, flower is a must. Discuss about the past days you used to pass together. Praise your wife’s beauty and treat her as a Goddess. Confess the fact that she is the reason you breathe happily on earth; she is the reason you live your life. Bring each and every charm back of your first date.

    Try to explore the romanticism that you cannot express at home. Utilize the time well. Make sure, you are not talking about business or family issues. Discussing these would be an anti-climax and your wife is not going to like it, I can say. If she starts talking about these, stop her with your love and make her realize, you two are here only for making love today like the first date!

    Another important thing! Keep your official phone off. Do not let the worldly hassles come into your heaven. After having the dinner, you may wander here and there like two birds. Give your best effort to remind your wife about the fact that you still love her like the first day of your relationship.

    Love is not always about feeling. It needs expression. Without expressing, you cannot show how much you love your wife. When the busy life and professional duties snatches your romanticism, a date is essential to revive the previous love. It is necessary to make your better half realize that you still feel her like your salad days. Arranging something like your first date strengthens the bonding between husband and wife. Don’t let your love fade away; keep it colorful, arrange a first date. Have a happy married life!


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