I am a full time seller on eBay with a large cross stitch and fine needlework store along with treasures found during my travels. I closed a brick and mortar store after a drastic rent increase. I am able to be at home raising my little boy. Friends kept bugging me to make videos on different techniques of cross stitch and to talk about my travels, I decided to make this my "One Stop" site instead of having four or five different ones. I am a member of Voices, an eBay focus group and PayPal Ambassadors. Come in with a cup of coffee and enjoy!



    I am a buyer and seller on eBay. My store is mostly a cross stitch and fine needlework store. I have also added hundreds of items I pick up in my travels from unique coffee cups to Hawaiian shirts. Go to www.BubbaCanDance.com to find us on eBay. Soon we will have www.stitcheryxpress.com up and running for cross stitch closeouts



    Jim and Steven are pilots and it was only logical to purchase the rights to 41 cross stitch patterns dealing with aviation. We will have them all packaged and ready to go after we update photos and stitching information and get a new Logo. Watch for them in Mid 2013



    I have met some of the best people through eBay and PayPal. This has been a career change I made reluctantly twelve years ago and I have never looked back. I love what I do! Thanks eBay sellers, buyers and employees, you are the best. Also kudos to PayPal employees and customer service. Wow just wow.



    Here we will share who Cindy Sorley is and how she clicks… as an avid traveler, genealogist and stay at home mom, you will get to see some insight as to how she functions…. Married almost 32 years to a Marine Corps Pilot, Retired Delta Airline Captain and now my helper at Stitchery X-Press. We have two boys, Steven, age 25 and Thomas, age 11.

Skills // Cross Stitch, Needlework, eBay, PayPal, Genealogy, Travel, VW Beetles... where do I start? You can learn all about me or talk about the things that interest you. Everyone is welcome!

About this Blog // Cross Stitch is my love though I don't have time to pick up a needle anymore. I am called diverse by my friends since I also love country music, Volkswagen Beetles, Genealogy and traveling. I am also an avid eBay and PayPal fan. You will find me rambling about it all here.


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    Wives often have the same complaint that their loving husband doesn’t love them the way they used to do before. Is it really true? No! In most of the cases, professional life, family responsibilities and busyness do not let them express their passion for beloved wife. In other word, after a certain period of marriage, the expression of love gets changed or moderated or matured unlike the first date.

    Husbands really are in a dilemma about how they can express the fact that they still care about their wives like the very first date. They need to make their wives understand that they are still romantic. Again, doing some crazy things does not go with their image. So, they search for a way by which they can impress their wives in a matured way.

    Why don’t you take her to a date? Let’s go to the flashback. Do you remember the first date? You were the most romantic person to her eyes that day. The clock seemed to be stopped and you two couldn’t understand how the time passed. Your wife could definitely find her dream Prince Charming by staring at the sea-blue eyes of yours. Have you forgotten those days?

    Is it possible to forget that very special day? Let’s shake your wife once again. Arrange a date at the same time and same place. Order the food that you two have had that day. Create a romantic atmosphere so that your wife may feel the touch of your ancient love of the first date.

    You may also purchase a cute gift for your wife. She will be overwhelmed. But remember, flower is a must. Discuss about the past days you used to pass together. Praise your wife’s beauty and treat her as a Goddess. Confess the fact that she is the reason you breathe happily on earth; she is the reason you live your life. Bring each and every charm back of your first date.

    Try to explore the romanticism that you cannot express at home. Utilize the time well. Make sure, you are not talking about business or family issues. Discussing these would be an anti-climax and your wife is not going to like it, I can say. If she starts talking about these, stop her with your love and make her realize, you two are here only for making love today like the first date!

    Another important thing! Keep your official phone off. Do not let the worldly hassles come into your heaven. After having the dinner, you may wander here and there like two birds. Give your best effort to remind your wife about the fact that you still love her like the first day of your relationship.

    Love is not always about feeling. It needs expression. Without expressing, you cannot show how much you love your wife. When the busy life and professional duties snatches your romanticism, a date is essential to revive the previous love. It is necessary to make your better half realize that you still feel her like your salad days. Arranging something like your first date strengthens the bonding between husband and wife. Don’t let your love fade away; keep it colorful, arrange a first date. Have a happy married life!



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    Being part of the eBay and PayPal community has benefited me as a seller and a buyer.  A couple of years ago I was asked to make a video for PayPal about being a seller in the eBay and PayPal Community.  You can see it here. I run a Facebook group for online sellers to become better sellers and the fulfillment I get from heading this forum has been so rewarding. I have wonderful members in this group (CO$T) and I cannot thank them enough for believing in me.  Another video was done of me in 2008 eBay at my home. We have since expanded to a warehouse but you get a feel for who we are.  Watch the video here. I find great joy when a seller who had problems a few months ago and was ready to give up comes to me and says… Thank you for your help. I think I am getting it.   Remember we don’t always get all the rules and all the concepts of selling online but if you can remember as a seller to treat the customer the way you would want to be treated you can be successful.   If someone makes a best offer on an item you have and you are offended.. Don’t take it personally… this is a business.. realize that.   If you don’t like the best offers.. remove them.   I got a bit off track here about the community idea… I encourage all sellers to find other sellers in their area or on facebook and work together on helping each other, giving ideas.  You don’t need to give your sources on where your get stuff to sell but help them out. These sellers are in the same boat as you… Join a local seller’s meet up group.  I have been privileged to be a speaker at a number of these and it is a great experience for local sellers to get to know other sellers. Be a voice … eBay and PayPal listens.. if you have a suggestion to eBay write them here.  eBay and PayPal listens.   


    Suggestions and feedback


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    Since the beginning, radio media has passed a long way in its journey throughout the world. When the television came, the importance of radio was not diminished, but took a different form to retain its existence with dignity. But, it surely will amaze us to know that (as we experience so), even in the era of internet, people still listen to radio, whether through air frequency or internet. For that, even after having various mediums of communicating with consumers, the companies are still interested to air their advertising commercials in the radio. But, the question is, how far can radio go in competition with these newest technologies, while they always offer something new?

    Sometimes the oldest tricks are the most effective ones. As radio media always had & still has its audience, the companies find it effective to make listeners hear their commercials in a repeating span. One can surely ask, why still would people listen to radio, while they can satisfy their senses with both audio & visual medium (even you can be in the scene now with 3D equipments!)? The answer is, when you watch television, you are almost totally occupied to do something else. When you are driving a long way or you take a walk you surely cannot occupy yourself with something that bars your vision. But, the case with radio media is not the same. You are free to roam in entertaining worlds while doing your job that you must do before a deadline ends. You can check the weather, have the update of traffic or listen to the commercials from which you need to choose a one. And you can do all these things when you are doing something completely different. Doesn’t that make you a multi tasking person?

    And now for the companies, where does their benefit lie to spend their dollars to advertize on a medium that was invented ages ago? It’s simple. It’s so cheap & easy to make. You can easily make a commercial for radio media in one day with very little fortune & change it with a new one the next day if you don’t like the audience response. But, when you are making a TVC or giving your advertisement on a website, you cannot change that whenever you want, of course unless you have abundant money to play with. Besides that, as it was told earlier in this article, our countrymen listen to radio media every now and then & for that, with your repeating commercial, you have that very opportunity to implant a desire for your good product in his mind. Before can be notified, you will find your store with one product less & your cash box filled with the product’s price.

    To mark the seal on the box, the following information may come handy. Radio revenues increased up about 0.6% (from $ 17.3 billion to $ 17.4 billion) in 2011 than the year previous (source: Radio Advertising Bureau’s report of February, 2012). That means, everyday more people are listening to radio media & that has benefited the radio channels. If anyone is wise enough, it is very much possible for his company to reach the common people with this least expensive but effective medium.

    So, unlike the dinosaurs, radio media is making its way in this new world with its inevitable charm. And of course, being advertised through this medium surely gives the products an extra boost than those products had before.


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    © Noor-E-Alam Taimur

    From his very childhood, he has always got the idea that doctors and engineers are the successful fellows. So, if anyone wants to shine in life, he or she needs to devote himself/herself into that particular stream. Who knew that the boy who was passing nights after nights studying physics, chemistry and biology, would be a successful money maker by earning online?

    His name is Fuad Hasan. He cannot remember how many times he has been praised by his surroundings in his childhood. He doesn’t bother though. After cutting a very good figure in H.S.C. exam, he has got admitted to Department of English, University of Rajshahi; a reputed public University in Bangladesh. No one confesses, even he doesn’t understand that how efficient he is in that particular language. Point to be noted, he stood first in the admission test.

    After some years of his study, he was pressurized to earn his own livelihood. No, his family was well off, but, for some unknown reasons he needed to earn money. Teaching students was always boring to him. He is a creative person and loves to show his creativity everywhere. So, a friend suggested him to give a try to earning online.

    He started trying and got some links. He has been cheated a couple of times and lost a huge amount of money. His misfortune got climax when his laptop has been stolen. The time was really crucial. He was about to start with some writing stuffs for earning online. But, as he lost his laptop, he discovered himself as the most unfortunate creature on earth. He was afraid but still informed his father about the loss. His father was unbelievably annoyed! He tells Fuad that, a boy who does not have the ability of buying a laptop or earning that particular amount of money, he does not have any right to lose that expensive thing.

    I actually don’t know what would have been my reaction after hearing that, but Fuad has shown his endurance. I couldn’t understand what was in his mind, but could feel his pain. By the way, he somehow managed a desktop and started his journey as a freelance writer. He used to get even less than $1 when he first started writing. He didn’t bother the amount of money; to him, earning online in a creative way was the most tempting opportunity.

    A client of Switzerland first offered him a long term work. It was a blog posting job and Fuad was paid $250 per month. That time, it was a huge amount for him, no doubt.  That grand beginning was really important for him in earning online.

    From that day, he has always faced success. His honesty, endurance, determination, creativity and perseverance brought him the identity of a successful freelancer. He has bought a laptop today. Yes, it costs the same he has lost once. Now, he has the ability to buy a laptop every month. He has seen the face of solvency and wants to carry on.

    No, it’s not the last. It is only the beginning! Fuad wants to show the world that creativity has value still today. If you choose the profession according to your passion, then success will never leave you. Fuad is doing great and earning online professionally. Is he worth to be an inspiration? If he is, then listen to your mind. Do what your mind says. Never be a machine. Enjoy your work!


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    Leadership is a rare quality. All the people do not have this particular quality. I always hate slavery. And I have noticed that, I love to lead and do things in my own way. I am a worshipper of beauty. I love people wearing colorful dresses, different occasions and their cheering up. I think, all of these likings have inspired me to start an online boutique clothing of mine own. “Neel Oporajita” is that dream cum true!

    As time passes, the population of the world is getting higher and higher. Also, people are extremely busy nowadays. A huge number of people, traffic jam, dust and sunburn are some main reasons for people do not want to visit shopping malls. They wish, if they could get their dress and accessories sitting at home, that would be a great idea. Keeping all those things in mind, the journey of my online boutique clothing started.

    Each and every businessman starts his or her business with some investment (small or huge). But, to be frank, I didn’t have even $10 to start a business. All of my friends were laughing at me as I was going to start an online boutique clothing without having the least amount of money in my hand. Still, I just grabbed my passion tight and go ahead.

    I was searching for a partner as I knew that it would be difficult to serve the people of all over the world alone. No one responded to my offer except Shayla Sharmin; a distant friend of mine whom I never met but communicate only through Facebook. She made me relieved and accepted the partnership. Thus, Shayla and I began to struggle to promote our new online boutique clothing.

    As we do not have money to invest, we became tensed. I managed like $45 and bought two Sarees (Bangladeshi Dress). We started the online page Neel Oporajita Boutique. A lot of friends of mine liked the page. The process is simple. You have to see the picture of the dresses and choose. Then, inbox us to place your order. After that, you need to send money in our bank account or any other way. We use a courier service to send your products and guarantee home delivery. So, our online boutique clothing keeps you tension-free and reduces the hazards you face while visiting shopping malls.

    When our first Saree was sold, we were so overwhelmed that we cried! After that, we communicated with the dress sellers so that they could provide us photos of dresses. Our plan was simple; we wanted to collect the photos first and then if anyone orders a dress, we will phone them and collect the dress. We are really doing fabulous and have sold a number of products.

    Neel Oporajita is not only an online boutique clothing, it is our dream. Shayla and I have tolerated huge criticism when we first start it. Many of our friends said that people wouldn’t feel interest to buy dresses without touching it. But, the situation is quite favorable now. We are now living our dream and going ahead with confidence. Success doesn’t come automatically; we need to achieve it. I always love freedom and now, I have that freedom.


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    I get asked by many sellers about buying completed and stitched and sometimes framed needlework that is already stitched for resale.  There are a few factors to take in mind when purchasing.  

    1.The quality of the work.  If you are buying counted cross stitch you want the stitches to go all in one direction on the top stitch and the bottom should go in the opposite direction.   There might be half and quarter stitches that will be different directions due to the detail.  But all full stitches should lay in one direction.   You also don’t want to see holes. This means the stitching is too tight.  On crewel work (yarn embroidery) you want to make sure the stitching is nice and tight but not Puckered and that the yarn covers the line work underneath (the stitching lines). For needlepoint, you want to make sure that you see even cover and not big holes. 

    2. The theme.  Theme is very important on any piece of needlework.   I recently sold two pieces of artwork that I knew would have a very limited buyer market and was shocked when they sold in Ten minutes. I thought I would be sitting on them for months.  What were they?   Completed and Framed Guns… They both went to Australia to the same buyer for over $125.o0.   If you think something is ugly.. others may think it is awesome.  If you think something is just gorgeous others may find it awful… so keep that is mind.. if the theme and workmanship are good… think about it.   Great themes are: samplers, animals, scenes, children, etc. 

    3. Price. I usually don’t buy items that cost more then $5.00 unless they are going to make me at least $50.00!  Why.. I have to ship the framed picture and that is a pain.  I have to have a box to fit and prepare the glass to not break… lots of time considerations here.   

    4. You have to have excellent photos of the finished item and the closeup of the stitching.  People want to see the workmanship.. 

    5. The Technique –  I have found counted cross stitch does much better than most of my stamped or crewel embroidery.  I also do much better with items stitched on linen over aida. (you will see the little squares on aida).  Needlepoint, if stitched correctly can do incredible and if a pillow or picture that is geometric or dogs and cats will do really well and can bring in hundreds.   

    6. How you market it.   You have to know the technique before you start so get to know what needlepoint is to cross stitch etc.  Make sure you have size in your title and also if you know the designer and title.  

    7. I seem to get better money on eBay over Etsy on completed cross stitch and needlework which many find hard to believe. I think it is because of the international audience.  

    8. Pricing Make sure you are not throwing money away. Just because you purchased something for a few dollars does not mean you have to sell it to make a few dollars profit.  Research completed and sold needlework on eBay 


    Good Luck and if you have any questions please feel free to post here and I will help. 

    Let Research become your best friend.   


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    Clicked by: Ranan Rahim

    “You are always occupied. You have time for your friends, family, surroundings, all; except ME!” She cuts the phone call and switches it off. Max tries, tries and tries. He sweats; smokes cigarettes randomly: “The number is unreachable now.” Again sleepless night, irritated eyes, repeating the playlist and feeling out of songs; some common scenarios of long distance relationship!

    Though, quarreling is the renewal of love, but in case of long distance relationship, frequent quarreling acts like a culprit. The whole world seems stuck.  As you cannot talk face to face, it becomes difficult to make your partner understand the actual situation. The worst consequence of these silly quarrels is the END of a flower-like relationship.

    That doesn’t mean, you are being suggested to avoid long distance relationship. If you can maintain proper communication and understanding, it is very much possible to continue the relationship peacefully. All that you need is to be familiar with some ways of making the long distance relationship enjoyable. It’s not at all difficult, trust me!

    Meet as frequently as possible

    Long distance relationship gets new life when a couple meets each other after a long time. All the anger, objections, suspicion, bad feelings melt quickly and shower on them. But, wandering outside in a scattered way gives you little chance of realizing or observing each other deeply. It is better if you can find a home and gossip hours after hours. This will increase the intimacy.

    Why won’t you take the opportunity of regular video chat?

    When people were very much dependent on the phone or voice chat, they could not express themselves completely. But nowadays, there are so many ways to do video chat. Now it is not impossible to keep your beloved in front of you all the time. Take the advantage of computer technology and reduce the complications of long distance relationship.  

    She won’t see but still you shouldn’t cheat

    Being in a long distance relationship, you can do whatever you like. Though your beloved does not like, but still you smoke, don’t study at night, say ‘wow’ after noticing some attractive girls, wear the green shirt very frequently, play with cards and maintain long hair. Who is going to see you, right? WRONG! Never break the faith of your beloved one. If you really want to do the thing that she hates, inform her and apologize. You can also convince her not to forbid smoking. Do whatever you like, but make sure that you are hiding nothing from your partner. Remember, FAITH; if it is broken once, it can hardly be repaired.

    How long do you talk?

    Talking to your partner works like a tonic in a long distance relationship. I don’t know whether you have noticed or not, but if you can maintain a sound communication by talking to her time to time, the relationship remains green. Problem arises when you minimize sharing and communicating. Suspicion and anger replace love and intimacy. So, if you want to maintain a good relationship, talk, talk and talk.

    Surprise her every now and then

    Okay, it’s 6 am; don’t hesitate. Just make a call. She will never be annoyed, trust me. Let her welcome the morning with your phone call. If she asks the reason, tell her that you are missing her so much and cannot help calling her. Recall some past memories. I can bet, the day will be special to your beloved and you as well. Sudden surprises sometimes rebuild a long distance relationship and bring spring in any season.

    I Love You

    Never forget to utter these three magical words every time you end the conversation. You do not have any idea how dangerously strong these three words are! Specially, if you are in a long distance relationship, you just say love you, love you and love you. This would increase your love for her as well as her trust in you.

    “Be in touch” is the ultimate solution of all the problems that arise in a long distance relationship. Another “must do” thing is that, try to stay cool headed during each and every conversation. High tempered and hot headed couples can hardly continue a long distance relationship. Have a fruitful discussion and come to a peaceful end. Never ever utter the word “break up”. Vanish the distance with deep love and faith.



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    I am going to post my opinion on the spring seller release. 2014 for eBay and what I take from it and what we can all do.

    I will say this.  Every time eBay has made a change I might complain to them and they listen and sometimes have fixed it or I have worked around it.  Every change has affected my business and has been better for my business.

    1. The parameters set with the new rule of 5 (for eTRs) and 8 (for other sellers) is to protect small sellers from being kicked off of eBay by one, two, three, or four buyers.  This is huge.  You need five (or 8) unique buyers to lose status. You could fall below 2% defect rate but the 5/8 rule is taken into account and you won’t lose it without both.

    2. Percentages vs number of cases.  It is 2% of your evaluation period and the 5/8 rule combined.  So if you are a medium seller like I consider myself I have 1500 transactions in my 3 month evaluation period I need to have 30 defects to lose top rated (2% of 1500).  If I have 30 defects I should not be a top rated seller in my opinion.  For those with 12 month evaluation you have to have under 2 percent for eTRs but keep in mind it has to be from five buyers.  So say you sold 100 items and got 4 defects you would be at 4 percent but you only had 4 unique buyers and would not lose eTRs.

    3. I like that a negative or a neutral revision counts as a defect. There was still something wrong with the transaction.  Last year cs was given more leeway to remove feedback.  If your customer writes and said I messed up that is removable.  So revised feedback is a defect.  Removed feedback is not a defect.   I left a negative and was offered money to change it.  The seller had 775 revised feedback at the time.  This is a great Policy for me as a buyer who had a bad buying experience.

    4. Cancelled orders by seller.   This will be great for buyers who has had Christmas and holidays ruined because a seller was out of stock and cancelled my order.   Keep good control of your inventory and now make it a priority to check your listed and to organize it and fix listings while you are at it.   If a buyer writes and says my cat bid you can 1. Cancel and chose buyer changed mind or bid by mistake or 2. Let it go to UPI.  UPI will refund your fees.  Griff is saying if a cancellation closes without buyer canceling then you won’t get back your fees.  UPI is my path.

    5.  Item not received.  This is my ONLY issue and feel there is a really good resolution.  The times eBay gives to get a package to a customer is many time unrealistic and needs to be reevaluated.  A buyer can now open a case one day after the item is supposed to arrive. First of all most buyer have no clue they opened a case they just want to check tracking and since eBay tracking is not in real time they don’t see the most current information. If the item arrives the next day and is closed by the buyer the seller gets a defect.  If a seller calls and takes time away from listing and work to call cs and say hey it arrived then it is not a defect.   I can’t track 30 to 50 packages a day on a daily basis x 6 days a week as suggested, especially when eBay is behind on tracking.  My suggestion for a solution is to have real time tracking (current) and when a buyer opens the where is my item eBay shows the updated current info to the buyer and then says. Do you still want to open a case?   Case has to be used since most buyers think they are just asking a question and not opening a case.  This will make opened cases go down immediately if eBay will provide current tracking and not two days ago.

    I feel I can show my item was scanned at my post office within my one day handling time I should not get a defect.  If the buyer gets the item, is happy and closes the case that should not be a defect.

    6.  We have about a month to get our seller standards views and I suggest waiting to see where we each stand.  We can then have the time to go through and analyze what is up

    7.  This is good and very thought out but I do see some pain points. This is great for small sellers and I encourage you to not worry about it until you see the real numbers.  Kim said it well about the emails sellers got that said projected past shows you would not be in compliance.  Projected is the key word here.  You have some time.   Work on those.

    8. eBay changed my life. I love what I do.  I have the freedom to voice my opinion and I have to say I truly 100 % believe that eBay listens to buyers and sellers in these cases.

    Visit the eBay site here on the update to be current  eBay Seller Update Spring 2014


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    I was able to spend seven full days in New Hampshire with Robbin Levin and we had such a marvelous time.  I flew into Logan in Boston and had a delightful dinner with Linda Bryant and her friend Paula and Robbin at the Salty Dog in Boston.  (Parking was $35.00 ouch).  

    Tuesday Robbin and I drove in a snow storm to visit with our friend Sunita and Kristine. Sunita sells a ton of yarn on eBay and esty and it was fun to see her place.  On the way back from her house we decided to thrift but apparently NH has other ideas and closed the stores due to the storm… We were die hards and got a couple in but others did not understand how we wanted to shop. 

    Wednesday we met up with local eBay and Amazon sellers to take them thrifting and show them the ropes on what we look for.  We met at Goodwill and spent 3 hours.. yes three hours.. We went through every part of the store.  The look on Jim’s face when I said buy this cup you will get 24.99 for it… It sold six days after he listed it.. Always look for flower mugs with Marjolein Bastin.  Good investment.  We found some fun finds. There was not a lot of needlework.. I am not sure that New Englanders do it anymore.   We then moved to Savers for two hours and had to leave for the Meet Up where I was the speaker.   We found some fun items such as Tattoo Thigh high tights that will not make a bunch of money but hey 7.00 in my pocket with a multiple variation listing… I think I bought 25 packages ($7.00 profit x 25) I am on it.  Look for vintage Pantyhose and Large cup bras.. they sell and are consistent sellers.  

    The Meet up was a blast as we talked customer service and about the eBay of 2014 not being the eBay of 2013.  Changes are not fun but I will tell you every one of the changes that eBay has made has been helpful and has increased my business.  

    Thursday morning we drove to Massachusetts and made a stop on the way at Alpha Cars to see Dmitri and Olga who sell Ural Sidecar Motorcycles.  My husband Jim not only dreams of one but covets it every minute.. with eBay sales staying steady I hope to have him one by the end of summer.   We then drove to meet up with one of our favorite CO$T (Cindy’s Online Selling Tips) members, Ron.  Ron showed us his eBay and Amazon business and shared with us his lovely antique home he shares with Phillip and their three incredible children.  We went to Savers where we met up with another favorite, Raymond Smith, who drove from New Jersey to spend time with us.    Ron had a cart full of stuff. Big hint is to look for odd shaped Christmas Plates and Platters.. Good money.  Raymond found a really cool mold that he paid under $5.00 for and will make at least $70.00 on. I will post some photos later.  

    We went to Connecticut for the Meet Up in Avon and had a full house.  I spiced up the talk but had the same type of talk to the sellers.  It was really well received.  We were also able to have a great cake to celebrate Maida’s birthday. It was great to meet so many CO$T members who drove so far to come here me speak. 

    Friday morning found us thrifting with a large number of the attendees from the Meet Up.  Some marvelous finds for everyone. I was tickled to find some Pendleton Scarves in Tartans but they are not going to be sold.  They will go to my sons.  We went to two stores, a Goodwill and a Savers.  I love to eat and drink locally so they suggested George’s and it was incredible. Thanks Kim and Jason for buying my dinner.   

    We drove back to New Hampshire after dinner and stopped at a couple of stores where Robbin and I scored a few good finds.   

    Saturday we spent at a gymnastics meet for Robbin’s son where he took second overall and the team first place. That was fun. We stopped and hit the goldmine in Goodwill. My $30.00 purchases will bring in over $400.  Saturday evening we met up with Jeremy for Lobster. That was the best… we were able to watch #Thrifthunters on the TV at Petey’s.   A great time on the beach.  

    Sunday we had a marvelous time thrifting time with Jeremy and Robbin.. we all scored and Robbin his the Cross Stitch Gold Mine.  (we stayed up til 3:30 Listing some of her finds and he cha ching went off early the next morning from a sale).  Dinner at the Old Salt was a wonderful last meal with great friends in New Hampshire as I had to get ready to leave the next afternoon. 

    After packing and catching up and spending the morning going over some eBay tips and hints Robbin and I headed to Boston. Just past Seabrook the car engine seized up and stopped.  Cassi, a friend of Robbins came to the rescue and brought her car for us to take to the airport and she stayed with the broken down car and waited for the tow truck.  I made it to Boston on time and was through security in seconds as I was picked for the new TSA quick screen.. no shoe removal, no jacket removal, no computer removal etc.  After an uneventful flight on an exit row, Thank you Delta. I arrived home late Monday and had to fix some shipping problems that Jim and Steven encountered while I was gone.  

    It was a marvelous trip and I met some amazing people   Thank you… I will post some of my finds on the next blog to you.  



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    Join me at Meetups in New Hampshire on Wednesday February 19th and in Hartford Connecticut on Thursday February 20th


    and Connecticut



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