Why I am leaving Amazon As A Seller

Why I am leaving Amazon As A Seller

I have finally had it with Amazon.  Why would I sell on a site when my biggest competitor is Amazon itself.  I had a great line of out of print books that I bought from a company in Salt Lake.  They had 500 left. I was a bit worried I would not be able to sell all 500 so I only purchased 100.  I listed 50 on eBay and 50 on Amazon.  They were selling quickly on both platforms.  A month later I called the owner and asked if I could buy the other 400. He said Cindy you are about four days late.  Amazon has purchased all of them.  Amazon saw my numbers, saw I was selling a lot of them and found the company and bought them all and then lowered the price by $5.00 each and put it in Prime for Amazon Buyers.   I lost all those sales.   I had pretty much had it but started doing numbers on my cost to sell on Amazon and eBay. Shocking.  I will write about that this weekend.   Some more sneaky things coming from Amazon with payments being added to stores online. Do you really think that taking Amazon Payments will be beneficial? I think Amazon is only phishing for your customers info and will send Amazon links and try to get those sales off your site.  

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