eBay Mobile Hint to list faster on eBay

eBay Mobile Hint to list faster on eBay

I have an Iphone, Ipad and Ipad Mini.   Can I just tell you how much I love the Iphone app for eBay to list, sell and do all my correspondence and daily business.   I am not as big a fan of the iPad app. It is missing a number of features that the Iphone app as such as quick photo taking etc. I like to list from my mini as is it is a bit bigger and easier to handle so what do I do when I want to use the IPhone instead?   I download the IPHONE app to My IPAD Mini.  There is nothing like voice to text to get a listing done in no time.    I just love eBay. 

Solved my issue and the mobile app is about perfect.

I love this new video about eBay Mobile and how to list


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