Flat Rate is Pricing not Thickness

Flat Rate is Pricing not Thickness

Flat Rate Priority Envelopes… Is it Flat Rate Pricing or does it mean it has to be Flat?

Flat Rate Priority Envelopes means it is the same price to mail a package anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico and Territories including FPO/APO for around $5.00

It can be any thickness as long as the envelope has not be reshaped by cutting it … actually read the DMM here

This is 123 1.5 of the DMM for USPS.


If it fits, it ships.   UP TO 70 lbs.

You can print off the DMM from the USPS website.  Copy 123 1.5 and take to the post office if you have postal clerks that don’t know the postal regulations.


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Cindy Sorley

January 13, 2013 at 2:21 am

I will be interviewing our postmaster this week on the Flat Rate Priority Envelopes and the regulations.

Kim Sager

January 26, 2013 at 10:36 pm

Something I have been wondering about flat rate boxes. I was told at my PO that since they had nothing but flat rate boxes that if I took a flat rate box and flipped inside out that as long as I shipped PRIORITY it would be fine. Well sent like 5 packages and one the customer wound up with postage due, ironically I had already paid over 5$ for shipping priority inside state and the PO wanted $10 something more. I called the PO and she kept saying had to be sent priority and thats why, but I had. Finally I gave up and refunded the customer the $10 something as I didn’t want them to have to wait more than a day on this problem. I am wondering should of I really been charged that 10$ and change for large flat rate price even though I did pay priority but flat rate box was inside out? THANK YOU

Cindy Sorley

January 26, 2013 at 10:55 pm

Kim. If you took a flat rate priority box and used it to ship priority and you paid less than the flat rate price, yes the post office can charge you the flat rate price. The box is basically free but has a price of th flat rate amount. So say you only paid $5.00 to ship in state and the flat rate price was $14.95. They will charge the other $10.00. My suggestion is to go to the USPS website and order fee priority supplies. There are a mixture of sizes that are not flat rate to order so you have them on hand. These are called shipping boxes. Order some regional A and b also. They save a lot of money. While you are online order flat rate padded. They are only available online. Hope that helps Kim.

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