No USPS Saturday Delivery? Packages YES

No USPS Saturday Delivery? Packages YES

Today the United States Post Office (USPS) announced that starting in August 2013 that there will be no Saturday delivery of mail to homes and businesses.  Don’t get scared if you are an online buyer or seller.  There is great news for all of you.  There will be Saturday delivery of all packages, first class, parcel and priority.  

So if you sell online, the news is really not a change if you send packages. If you ship a package and it is supposed to arrive on Saturday… it will.   There will be no delivery of first class letters, junk mail etc.  

Post offices that are open now will continue to be open and you can send any type of mail on Saturday.  Will there be Pick Up for Priority on Saturdays at your home or business?  That is to be determined.  However, if you have packages ready to go and you see a carrier or your carrier delivers to you, they should take the packages for you.   You can still go to your local post office and drop off all mail.  

This is good news for carriers locally where I live as the full timers will not have to rotate and work different schedules. They will work Monday – Friday and the lighter Saturday delivery will be done by the sub route carriers.   So….. no complaints anyone… if you send packages there is no change to you… it could have been much much worse.