Open An eBay Store or Not?

Open An eBay Store or Not?

Should I open an eBay store? is one of the questions I get asked most often by eBay sellers.  

eBay has a great area on the platform set up to help you better understand the whole process. The best part is this handy dandy calculator with fees for all subscriptions of all store levels and those sellers without a store swill help you decide if it is time to open your store.  

Check out this great calculator here.  


Remember if you decide to open a store make sure you chose a store name that is easy for others to remember and is easy to market

See if the URL is available @hostgator ( You can then give your url to people you run into and have the URL directed right to your eBay store. 

The best thing you can do if you decide to open an eBay store is to set up categories of the items you are going to have in your store.  You can add more categories later.  Think of the items you have and make categories or sub categories.  Think of going in a store where it is well organized and easy to find the items you are looking for.  You will want the same set up for your customers shopping with you.   NOTE: at this time if you are listing with eBay mobile @ebaymobile, store categories are not an option to add in a listing so you will have to edit it on your computer but it is easy to do in bulk editing.   

We will talk about this more in depth in the next few weeks.