The trials of selling online dealing with wholesalers

The trials of selling online dealing with wholesalers

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I ordered a large number of scissor fobs from a company in California over a year ago. I sold a few on eBay and after 18 months of selling them I get a cease and desist order for the designer to quit selling them after she sold them to me. I have her Invoices of her selling me these items. The emails and messages are very threatening and hateful. I pointed other that I bought these from HER, not a third party, not a distributor. HER. She would not have it. Well my customers will never get another of her scissor fobs as I have now trashed them. It is Part of the daily hassle of selling online sometimes. The rewards truly outweigh the cons. I have asked her to not contact me again and I have had three messages from her since I started writing this. Sometimes being nice is not enough. I will have to get tough and state. I bought these from you to sell. YOU Lois. YOU.
I have some of the most amazing designers and wholesalers I. The world that ha get made being in the business a joy for 32 years. You get a bad one every once in a while. Shake it off and move on. Three more messages just came In. Let it go lady.

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